Past events

Second Meggen days of Mineral Resources

Workshop and Conferences on Mineral Resources and Mineralogical evaluation in Lennestadt-Meggen (Germany).
14 - 16 September 2016

Mining excursion: Mining and subsidence

Excursion to Germany and Belgium, visit of the Hambach Surface Mine, visit of the Celtic Mining District, visit of the Göhltal museum.
22 and 23 July 2016

Extraordinary General Assembly & Geological and geotechnical study day

The study day on the Pulvermühle viaduct will be followed by the Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA). 2 June 2016

Van den Broeck lecture 2016

This year's laureate is Prof. Noël Vandenberghe (KU Leuven). The ceremony will be followed by the Van den Broeck lecture on the Oligocene, based on a lifetime of research unravelling the mechanisms of deposition of the sediments for which Belgium has become a world reference. 26 May 2016

The process of Ghost-Rock karstification

Visit of the quarry in Soignies, followed by the General Assembly.
15 April 2016

Hambach Surface Mine and the river Inde

Following the Mineral extraction versus Ecology Workshop in Brussels in November 2015 organised jointly by Geologica Belgica and the BLUG/UBLG, several excursions are organized.
18 March 2016

Congress Geologica Belgica

The next congress of Geologica Belgica will be held in Mons.
26-29 January 2016

Earthquake activity workshop

The Royal Observatory of Belgium and the Public Services of Wallonia organize a scientific workshop on earthquake activity and hazard in northwestern Europe.
15 October 2015

Couvin bypass

The road construction works of the Couvin bypass are a unique occasion to see the local geology from nearby.
9 October 2015

BLUG/UBLG General Assembly

We invite you to the General Assembly of BLUG/UBLG. In the afternoon, a visit of AMORAS is planned.
5 June 2015

BLUG/UBLG's study day in Maastricht

Visit of an active quarry in the Maastrichtian, visit of the Museum of Natural History in Maastricht, and much more...
25 April 2015

Evening session BGGG-GBMS

BGGG-GBMS organized an evening session entitled: "Ervaringen in Beeld - Wat geleerd uit 40 jaar praktijkervaring in de geotechniek?"
25 March 2014

BLUG/UBLG's-Ingeokring's excursion in the Eifel

Lectures, workshops and geological site visits in the hitorical city of Hiembach-Eifel
21 and 22 March 2015

Gas shales in Belgium? Geologica Belgica

Geologica Belgica organized a conference entitled: "Gas shales in Belgium?"
11 & 12 October 2014

Belgian Offshore Wind Energy

The "Groupement Belge de Mécanique des Sols et de la Géotechnique/Belgische Groepering voor Grondmechanica en Geotechniek" organized an information session that provided an overview of the geotechnical aspects of offshore wind projects in Belgium
19 September 2013